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About us

Burgerbar is the most accessible place where you can genuinely enjoy a quality burger. We don’t sell fast food, we sell satisfaction. And we firmly believe that beef deserves better. That’s why we make our delicious burgers with 100% non-frozen beef in our restaurants.

Made fresh right in-store: from meat and veggies to bread. For a more real juicy taste, without any hidden ingredients. We exist to let people fully enjoy a burger with less guilt and more pleasure. So if you’re going to sin, sin smart at our place. Tasty, sexy, and delicious burgers for life’s finest moments.

– Burgerbar. The Real Bite.

Our mission

Our mission is to make tastier and sexier hamburgers with 100% freshly ground premium Angus, Irish and Kobe beef, fresh homemade ingredients, and nutritious bread. We’re easy to reach, so everyone can enjoy a better meal whenever and wherever they’re out. We’re here to make your experience an absolute pleasure.

Our vision

Our goal is to give customers the best, genuinely satisfying experience. We want to make high-end burgers accessible to everyone in Europe. Where truly tasty and fresh burgers are the new normal. So let’s make your burger enjoyable to the fullest, with less guilt when eating your guilty pleasure.

Our history

More than 15 years ago, the burger market was only dominated by low-quality international franchises. The founders of Burgerbar, working at a steakhouse at the time, realized there was a high demand for high-quality burgers. Their mission had risen: to bring The Real Bite to the Netherlands.

When we opened our doors in 2007, Amsterdam gained the first good quality burger restaurant in town. Since then, Burgerbar has reached prestige and quality in its 6 successful branches in Amsterdam, with one recent addition: Burgerbar Damstraat. But not only can you find The Real Bite in Amsterdam, but you can also enjoy the tastiest burgers in The Hague, Utrecht and Düsseldorf.