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Get ready to sink your teeth into something truly special – our signature burgers are the stars of the show here at Burgerbar. Crafted with the highest quality ingredients and expertly seasoned for maximum flavour, each burger on our signature burger is a true work of culinary art. From our classic Angus beef burger to our indulgent truffle burger and everything in between, we’ve got a burger for every craving and every occasion. So come on in and experience the magic of our signature burgers for yourself – your taste buds will thank you!

The Classic Burger

The Cheesy Burger

The Benedict Burger

The Truffle Royal Burger

The Double Smashburger

At Burgerbar, we believe that the quality of our meat is paramount. That’s why we offer a variety of beef options, each with its unique flavour profile, to cater to every meat lover’s preference.

Angus beef

Irish beef

Wagyu beef

At Burgerbar, we are passionate about meat, and we believe that every bite should be an experience worth savouring.